About Us

The life you’re living is the yoga you’re doing.

Deep Peace Yoga is focused on yoga as a practice of effectiveness in this world and this life. We don’t write specifically about yoga as spiritual because that would be redundant.

Life is spiritual, being you is spiritual. There’s no place you can go to get away from The Universe. Not even the office.

Committed non judgment.

We believe if you know what you really, really want in life, not only can you have it, but in the process you can’t help but want others to have what they really, really want. You’ll be more effective in helping them have it, too.

We don’t deal in the hypothetical or in pathology. We investigate and implement one direct principle: It’s Always You.

Practice more, and practice more personally.

We believe the life you’re living is the yoga you’re doing. If your mat is the only place you feel connected to Meaning/ Higher Purpose/ God, then celebrate the place where you found the current, and bring it with you. Take up your pallet and walk, as it were.
We appreciate your open-minded curiosity about and your participation in the community of The Magazine of Yoga. We want to invigorate your hope, your vitality, and your contribution to our time on Earth.