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Find deep peace and inner calm through Yoga

Enhance and deepen your yoga practice with our in-depth articles and guides! This section on our website is designed to assist the seeker in attaining deep peace through yoga. It is impossible to achieve a state of true peace without any form of meditation, particularly Vedic Meditation. As a practicing yogi, I must stress the importance of finding an understanding and acceptance of who you are in order to achieve true peace.

Is Bad Yoga Like Cold Pizza?

bad yoga

Back when I was an undergraduate in college, whenever I opened the refrigerator on a Sunday morning for breakfast (which was actually Sunday afternoon), it was always the same: cold…

Find deep peace and inner calm through Meditation & Mindfulness

Find inner peace and create a calm focused mind by following our meditation tips! This section on our website is designed to expose, teach, & ignite the joy of Meditation & Mindfulness! Mindfulness and Meditation are at the core of how we learn and deepen our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being! Here you’ll find a variety of free resources that can help you learn, grow, and ultimately increase your spiritual awareness and awareness of your own well-being, and the well-being of those around you. Whether you are looking to deepen your knowledge, expand your practice, or simply enjoy providing free, accessible, and affordable techniques to others, here you will find techniques to learn mindfulness.

Find deep peace and inner calm through Health & Wellness

Learn about easy and simple tips to improve your health! This section on our website is designed to provide you with maximum health benefits and practical information. Get tips to improve your digestion, reduce stress, as well as help you and your family live a longer, healthier life! Learn the most effective ways to know your body’s unique “Health” through studies and simple self-tests. Take Action or Consider Taking Action Meditate on your breath with the breath counting exercise Self-Care Prepare a personalized menu to improve your nutrition while eating away from home.

Find deep peace and inner calm through Healing Techniques

Discover new and alternative medicinal techniques to heal your body, mind, and spirit! This section on our website is designed to give you the necessary information for healing. We are here to help guide you along the way. We have compiled a list of an abundance of healing techniques with descriptions that are specific to the techniques we teach. In each of these techniques, you will be informed about the healing properties and specific healing techniques. This will help to guide you along the way.