Yoga with Weights

Yoga with Weights: 7 Amazing Benefits

Ever since triathlete Anthony Carillo introduced the concept of Iron Yoga, weight trainers and yogis have taken up this fitness trend. Iron yoga is based on combining two kinds of exercise-weight training and yoga to create a well-rounded routine to exercise the body and mind. While incorporating weights with yoga poses is untraditional, there are many reasons and benefits to exploring this modern hybrid exercise program.

Increases strength

Yoga by itself is effective as a physical exercise. However, by using weights when you are doing yoga, you will engage the muscles more. Therefore, not only will this make you stronger and fitter, but it will also ensure that you will not get any sort of injury.

This will inadvertently increase the muscle-building aspect of the exercise, as well as toning during the exercise, especially when you are working on your arms. Even though yoga does a good job of engaging the legs and the core, the arms are always somewhat neglected. Consequently, by using weights, you engage the arms and have a complete workout.

Improves concentration

During yoga, you have to focus on breathing and meditation. This heightens your sense of concentration. By incorporating weights into your yoga workout, this fact is proliferated. This is because blood will not only circulate to the muscles but also the brain, meaning that your concentration will only heighten.

Burns calories

Yes, by including weights in your yoga routine you tilt the workout to become akin to weight training. Weights add a bit of strain to your yoga poses, which means that the body is consuming a lot of calories to maintain the said pose. This way, yoga becomes a sort of weight loss routine.

Boosts Balance

Balance, not only physical but also mental, is paramount to excel in everyday activities. Yoga is an excellent way to increase the balance in your body and thus effectively find an equilibrium in life. Weights accentuate this fact because you must balance your body weight and the one you are carrying. Yoga postures can help increase the flexibility of a majority of major muscle groups in the body. This can result in a better range of movement. Some yoga postures can help lubricate the joints.

Builds bone intensity

Bone intensity simply means how strong your bones are. Adding weights into your yoga routine is an excellent way to increase your bone density. When you work out, the muscles are pushed against the bones. The bones have to be strong to ensure that they don’t capitulate under pressure. Thus, their bone density increases.

Fun and enjoyable

Weights and yoga are simply a lot of fun. With the options that weights add to your yoga routine, you simply cannot lack something to do. Additionally, the sweat and exhaustion after the workout make it all worthwhile, as you leave with a sense of accomplishment.

Many options

If you find that you have become comfortable doing the yoga poses you are accustomed to, add weights into the mix, and watch as everything will almost instantly change. You can thus modify your class, and your poses, in order to feel that strain that makes the practice worthwhile. If you are interested in combining yoga with weight training, visit this site on the latest trend—kettlebell yoga!

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